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Threed Software was formed to bring your ideas to life, walking with them from concept to reality.

Threed focuses on providing software services for large retailers, Government entities and small business owners.

We're currently a team of three developers hand-crafting and assembling what the client needs.


What We Do.

Threed is a software company with its focus on software development as well as providing software services for large retailers, Government entities and small business owners.
We develop personalized internal systems to streamline critical industrial processes and inventory management systems.

Systems Architecture

More than just software design, this includes building tailored solutions that fit the size and typical use of the intended team of users. This also requires on-site training in how to use your custom software.

Areas: Financial Management, HR Management, Inventory Management, Task Management and Project Management.

Website & Web Application Development

Inclusive but not limited to basic website design, Threed Software builds scalable web based solutions that can be used for a client's website, blog or online portal.

Areas: Personal Blogs, Web Portfolios, Company Websites and eCommerce Websites.

Mobile Application Development

Mobile applications to speed up internal processes, as well as user-facing external solutions to increase business. These applications allow you to get a better sense of who your typical customer is through the use of analytical software.

Areas: Your Apps, Point Of Sale, Order and Inventory Management and Messaging applications.

Desktop Applications

We build custom cross platform applications for offline desktop use, such as file and task managers, specific to your design style and preferences.

Areas: Task Management, Nomenclature, Point Of Sale, Order and Inventory Management and Messaging applications.


See Our Featured Projects.

Anythng you can think of, it's a solution built to solve a problem. We do it. You've seen some of the categoires which we're in, now check out some of the projects we've done.

Watch Jamaica

Developed for Primary Colours Productions, a videography and content creation company here in Jamaica. This application is proprietary.

Digicel Webtext

An application to create a mobile interface for the popular process of sending free Webtexts from Digicel subscribers in the Caribbean.

Junior Achievement BizTown App

The JA BizTown Application was made specifically to improve the kids' experience and make it more fun. It facilitated students voting digitally for their favourite student of the day, and gave the staff easier management when there were multiple schools in one day.

BunMusqitos & DocBot Reporting Application

A web application built to give persons the ability to battle the Zika Virus in 2016. It allowed users not only to report cases of potential infection, but prevent infection through mosquito infestation reporting. Details

What They Say About Us.

  • Our company specializes in television and video production. We needed a hardware and software solution that could deliver on-demand videos to the tourism sector in Jamaica. We consulted with a few software developers, none of whom could build a system to the specification that we required. Luckily we met Threed Software, who recommended a hardware solution and designed an application that met all of our specifications. We were very happy with the results. Threed not only delivered on time and in spec, but kept us informed throughout the process.

    Author image
    Gregory Lopez Creative Director, Primary Colours Productions.

Technology Stack

Breaking News!

We are now Verifone International Partners for Latin America and the Caribbean!

What this means is that we now have the rights to develop and deploy custom applications for banks, supermarkets and any other stakeholders who use Verifone POS terminals.


Get In Touch.

Because we're a young company, we're happy to take any query, whether small or large. Our business is one of solutions, the consultation is free, it's the implementation you pay for :)

If you have any general questions, feel free to ask away! Also, visit our training page to find our more about the teaching side of Threed Software

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